Merbonga Bonanza (8 pack)

Merbonga Bonanza (8 pack)

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Any party from bachelorettes to tailgates, beaches to pregames, birthdays and more are always better when you drink from mermaid beer funnels.  Make it even more flipping fun with Merbonga beer bongs for everyone.  
SPECIAL PRICE: Pay for 6, and get 8! 
{8 Merbongas included}
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SHARE YOUR FUN: Create the best memories and Instagram worthy moments with this unique mermaid bong while drinking from something way cooler than a bottle or glass!

EASY TO USE: Specially designed to make drinking cocktails, hard seltzers, and beer (even a bit of champagne or wine) easier than you ever thought possible!

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: This enhanced funnel design creates significantly less foam than other drinking funnels and beer bongs!

EXTRA CLEAN: NO drips, NO spills, & holds up to 24 fl oz - that's 2 beers!